Who is Jesus Christ?

There is a Person who loved you so much that He died to save your life. His name is Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and He wants a personal relationship with you. Jesus was miraculously born of a virgin by the power of the Holy Spirit, and He was fully man and fully God. He lived a perfect, sinless life, fulfilling all of God’s Law and displaying God’s power by healing the sick and raising the dead. When He was crucified on the cross, He took the punishment you deserved for your sin on Himself and paid your full debt with God. 

This good news is the message of the Gospel that reveals the plan God has for you. God created you to be with Him, but it was your sin and selfishness that separated you from God and destined you for an eternity of punishment in hell. Your sin cannot be removed by good works or by being a good person or even by paying for it with money. Jesus paid for your sins over two-thousand years ago by hanging on a bloody cross. He died, and He rose again so that if you put your faith in Him, you can be forgiven your sins and have eternal life in heaven. He died to bring you back into right relationship with God, your Father, erasing all the sin that separates you from Him. 

Eternal life and relationship with God begin the moment you repent and turn from your life of sin and choose to make Jesus Christ the Lord of your life. If you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that He died on the cross for your sins and rose again from the dead, say this prayer from your heart:

Jesus, I need You. Forgive me of my sins. Forgive me of my selfishness. I don’t want to be in charge anymore. I want You to be the Lord of my life. Cleanse me with Your blood. From this day forward, I’m putting my faith in You and not in myself. I receive You as my Savior, my Healer, and my Deliverer. I renounce any other spirit that I’ve invited in my life, and I command it to leave me right now in Jesus’ name. Holy Spirit fill me right now with Your presence and empower me to be a disciple of Jesus Christ who makes disciples who make disciples. Amen. 

If you just prayed that prayer and repented of your sins, and made a choice to follow Jesus and be His disciple, we want to congratulate you! All of heaven is celebrating you right now.


What’s Next?

Get Connected

God did not design us to be alone. His intention is for us to have family and community. The moment you were saved, you became a part of the family of God. We encourage you to find a local church to regularly attend and find fellow believers with whom you can share your life. If you have friends or family who are Christians, call them up and tell them about your decision to follow Jesus.

Get Baptized

In the Bible, Jesus tells all His disciples to be baptized in water and the Holy Spirit. Baptism is a step of obedience. It also holds deep, spiritual significance. Baptism is an outward demonstration of an inward work of God as well as a public confession of your faith in Jesus Christ. At the moment of baptism, you choose to die to yourself and actually do. Just as Jesus died and rose again for our sins, the moment you are submerged, you die to yourself; it is no longer you who lives and is in charge of your life, but it is Christ who died as you and rose again. The moment you come up from the water, you are raised up, resurrected into a new and eternal life with Jesus. Just as Christ Jesus rose from the grave, you have risen from death to life. You are now under His authority and the perfect will of God. We encourage you to get baptized soon to make a public declaration of your commitment to follow Jesus Christ.

Read the Bible

The Bible is the Word of God. It is God's gift to us to help us get to know His heart and His ways. It can sometimes be intimidating to start reading the Bible if you have never read it before. But we encourage you to start small and to work it into your daily routine. If you do not know where to start, the book of Luke is an amazing place to jump in and learn all about the life of Jesus.

Get Alone with God

The moment you prayed to receive Jesus, you received the Holy Spirit into your heart. It means that you now have full access to the presence of God. God is always talking to us. Sometimes it is an impression in your spirit, a thought or a feeling, a picture in your mind, or a still small voice deep inside you. The more you spend time alone talking to and listening to God in prayer, the more you will learn to recognize His voice. We encourage you to start journaling what the Lord speaks to you when you are alone and then share it with other believers who can help you grow in your relationship with Him.

Obey God

As you grow in your relationship with the Lord, He will give you guidance and direction. When He asks or leads you to do something, do it immediately. Simple, quick, unquestioning obedience to the voice of the Lord is a key component of being a disciple of Jesus. The Bible says, "without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him" (Hebrews 11:6). Obedience to God is the fruit of having faith that He exists, He speaks, and His way is best for your life.

Share Your Story

Start telling others about what Jesus has done to change your life. Your story is a powerful testimony of Jesus' power to save, heal, and deliver a soul. The moment you were saved, you were given the Holy Spirit, and you are now fully qualified to share the good news of Jesus Christ with others! Jesus tells us, "whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father who is in heaven" (Matthew 10:32).

Forgive Others

God forgave all your sins the instant you believed in Jesus and in what He did for you on the cross. Now, He is asking you to extend that same grace and forgiveness to everyone else in your life. Jesus teaches us, "if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you" (Matthew 6:14). Holding bitterness and unforgiveness in your heart toward others is like drinking poison and expecting it to hurt the other person. But when you release all bitterness through forgiveness, God will bring deep healing to your heart, free you from bondage and addiction, and begin to redeem your broken relationships by His grace.


Tell Us Your Story

If you just gave your life to the Lord Jesus Christ, we would love to hear your story! Please tell us what God has done for you.


Discover More

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