Gospel Truck

 It is Harvest Time!

God has placed a desire and a dream inside of our hearts to purchase a gospel truck. This amazing vehicle will have a portable, electric, stage that pulls down, with a built-in sound system that we will use to reach hundreds and thousands of people with the gospel. The one pictured is a prototype of what we want to build for Compassion To Action.


We believe that this truck will be a catalyst, similar to what we saw in the 1950s when the spreading of the gospel happened through various tent evangelists who gave their lives for the cause of Christ. I believe that this truck is a modern prototype of the tents of old and is a contemporary means to reach the lost. A movement is starting to rise across America.

We are on a search and rescue mission for souls! We want to reach individuals, neighborhoods, universities, host open field gatherings in small communities, help churches and other ministries, and to provide a platform for young evangelists to preach the gospel.

Our goal is to raise $450,000 by the end of August so that we can purchase the vehicle and hire a driver and coordinator for our events.

The value of a soul is priceless, and we want to populate heaven! Please join our cause by investing in this gospel truck that will help reach thousands and potentially millions in America.

You can partner with us by clicking the donate button below.

Thank you for uniting with us! America shall be saved!

~Evangelist Chris Overstreet