Gospel Truck

Partner with us to make this gospel truck a reality!

Why a Gospel Truck?


There is a burning desire in our hearts to search out the case that we do not know and to spread out our gospel nets to see souls saved for eternity. This gospel truck is an extremely strategic gospel net. Its mobility will give us easy accessibility to reach many public locations where large numbers of people gather. Our vision is to use this truck to have mobile gospel campaigns all over the PNW and west coast. We will use this truck to preach the gospel in neighborhoods, universities, high schools, and at open-air gatherings in large fields. This vehicle will provide us a platform similar to the tent revivals of old. This mobile, modern-day “tent” will impact cities throughout the Northwest and America. This truck is a prototype of what’s to come for Compassion To Action. Our vision is to charter many of these trucks to blaze a trail across America to plunder hell and populate Heaven, rubbing the blood of Jesus in the devil’s face! We make no apologies for our passion for souls, and we need your help. Jesus told us to make disciples in the Great Commission, and our hearts are burning to obey the red letters of Jesus Christ. Even Jesus’ ministry had financial partners that supported Him, as we discover in Luke 8:3. These partners gave their resources to enable Jesus spread the message of the Kingdom. Please partner with us for this gospel truck that will bring hope, good news, and deliverance right into the beating heart of America’s communities. America shall be saved, and there’s no greater time than this to invest in our nation with the gospel. Our nation is in desperate need of the grace and the saving truth of Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for partnering with us. Together we will reach millions for Jesus. #AmericaShallBeSaved

Cost of Gospel Truck

Total: $437,000