Words of Knowledge, A Dance Club and Doughnuts and Sprinkles

Later that night the other Word of Knowledge I received came to pass!  I was in the bathroom washing my hands when I saw this girl with a headband.  She had two objects sticking off of her headband. I was thinking, “can it really be doughnuts with sprinkles,” because that was specifically what the Lord gave me for the second word.  At closer inspection, that's exactly what it turned out to be! So I stopped her, and she seemed to be pretty drunk. I continued to show her my list and explained to her how I asked God, regarding who I would meet that night.  He revealed to me, “doughnut with sprinkles.” He knows her and He wants her to know He loves her so much. It appeared that she sobered up as we started talking and I asked her if she needed prayer for healing for anyone in her family. It turned out there were two family members needing healing so I prayed with her right then. As we were praying, she was really touched by the love of Jesus, started tearing up and kept thanking me and hugging me. It really blew me away that God just knows her so intimately.


PNWBreona Smith