Will You Follow

During the Equip+Activate street activation session, a group of us went to a skatepark in Portland to share Jesus, and we ended up talking to a man named James. James had pain in his neck, back, and knee. As we prayed the Holy Spirit came, and the pain began to leave. I could feel the heart of the Father for him, so I shared the gospel. He said he was religious growing up and believed in God but didn’t want to go back to church. He said he wanted to follow God his way. I said, “James, Jesus isn’t asking you to go to church. He’s asking you to follow him.” He could feel the love and truth of God as I was sharing. We led him to Jesus right there in the skatepark. He said he felt warmth fill him and it felt as though a weight had lifted off him. He was born again.


PNWBreona Smith