The Club and Jesus

I was walking through the night club and this young guy was highlighted to me. He was standing by himself and you could tell he was really drunk; however, when I saw him, I just deeply felt the Lord's heart for him that I almost started crying. As I walked towards him, I saw something about him where I just sensed he was ripe and ready to come to Jesus. I went to the man along with another person on my team and talked for a while.  Receiving a prophetic word, I told him, “I feel like your going to write a book someday.” He said, “Wow! That's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. I don't think I'm smart enough to do that but that's really nice of you to say that to me!” I told him it was what the Lord was saying and then I continued to share the Gospel with him—how Jesus died on the cross for him to bring him back to the Father. As I shared the Gospel, he said he felt heat in his heart and I believe it.  Stating, “I grew up in church and got baptized as a kid but have since walked away from the Lord.” So we prayed for him to receive and be filled with the Holy Spirit. He started to sway and almost fell under the power right there in the night club. He just kept hugging us, thanking us and saying he really believed in Jesus. It overwhelmed that about the things we were saying and he couldn't believe we came up to him in this nightclub.


PNWBreona Smith