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I Just Felt My Faith Arise!

I came to the Portland 2018 event in a lot of severe pain in my back, hips and right arm from a fall I had on a treadmill on June 3rd. It’s a miracle that I was even able to come because of the amount of constant pain I had. I was unable to walk up/down stairs. I could only crawl. Every step I took would be excruciating. I would have to pause, take a deep breath and continue on very slowly.

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“Didn’t you come in a wheelchair?”

I’ve had lots of surgeries, about 20, for lots of different things. I was in an abusive relationship for a long time. I was expecting four more surgeries coming up: a complete knee replacement in my right knee, surgery on the left knee for a torn ACL and meniscus, and right and left ankles for tendons on both sides. I had extreme lower back pain to the point that I’d had three surgeries on it already. I could not walk more than ten or fifteen feet without a walker.

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