Short But Powerful

I want to share this short but powerful testimony about hearing the Father’s voice for a person and how it can open someone's heart to Jesus. I was next to a girl who was dancing and I received a word for her that she sings and loves music. I asked, “Hey, do you sing?” She replied, “No, just in the shower. I'm not really that great.” But I felt it so strong, I told her, “No. You have a beautiful voice.  The Lord is telling me you have a beautiful voice and you love music.” She started crying and said, “I do. I love music! I just haven't had the courage to put myself out there to pursue it.” I began to explain to her it was Jesus who told me she could sing and Jesus is pursuing her and loves her so much. It turns out, she actually grew up in church but has since walked away. She also kept saying, “I can't tell you how much I needed this.” I walked away that night with my heart broken for the girl and overwhelmed with a sense that the Father is chasing after them with his love.


PNWBreona Smith