Praying for a Sign

I was coming home from the gym the other night. I was very tired and wanted to get home. As I was driving, I saw a young man walking across the street. Jesus told me to stop for that man. So I pulled over and spoke with him. I said, “Hey man what's your name?” He said that his name is Ryan, and I told him that my name is Evan. I began to tell him this might sound strange, but I love Jesus, and as I saw him walking across the street, Jesus told me to stop for him and tell him how much He loves him. He looked at me with surprise. He then told me that he had been praying as he walked across the street, asking God to give him a sign. I shared the Gospel with him, and he began to share with me that he had been sober from drugs for the past six months and that he wanted a better life. After I shared the Gospel with him, he gave his life to Jesus! He said he felt the presence of God, heat in his chest, and electricity through his body. Jesus touched him powerfully, and he said that his life would never be the same!


PNWBreona Smith