Partnering With God

CTA Ivy League Missions Trip 2018


I had the privilege of going on the Ivy League Missions trip with Compassion to Action! Before this trip, I had very little experience with evangelism and as I stepped out, I felt unqualified and uncomfortable. However, the Lord had something beautiful in store to show me. As I ran after evangelism on each university campus, I began to break the fear of man and I partnered with God in simply loving His children. My heart began to burst with compassion during each salvation prayer and I began to feel this profound partnership with the Lord, in calling His children home. I soon realized that evangelism is much more intentional, personal, and profound then I knew. It is about reaching out to your brothers and sisters, taking their hand, and inviting them into a personal relationship with their creator. As people’s facial expressions changed, as the person of love entered into their hearts, it also changed something in me. We are called to do this, everyday. I never want someone to miss out of hearing the gospel, simply because of my fear. Many of the people that I spoke to had never heard the gospel or the very fact that Jesus loves them. As I approached more strangers each day, I no longer felt fear because it broke my heart that people would grow up never hearing that the Lord deeply and radically loves each of them, immensely and personally. All of a sudden, it became an honor to partner with God in these moments; praying and prophesying over His children and inviting them home. Because of this trip, I overcame the fear of man, I stepped out in risk, and it was a beautiful reminder that we are always called to walk in His love. Now, I feel drawn to reach out and offer someone the most beautiful and transformative invitation they will ever make. And the fact that I get to be a part of this mission is a true honor.