Knees Healed After Praying a Second Time

At the Compassion To Action Equip+Activate event during activation time on the streets, my team and I went to a College in Salem, OR to share the gospel. While we were there, I asked the Holy Spirit for Words of Knowledge for pain in people's bodies. As I was walking past a couple, I heard the word “knee.” I started talking to them and asked if one of them had pain in their knees. I explained that Jesus talks to me about people and He loves to heal! The man said he did not have any pain, but the woman said she did, and she said I could pray for her! So, we prayed, and when she tested it out to see if there was any improvement, she said it was the same. I asked her if I could pray one more time and she agreed. After we prayed a second time and she tested it out, she said, “Wow! I don't have any more pain!” Jesus continues to take me on a faith journey to know that He's the healer and that when I don't see someone healed right away to keep leaning in on Him!


PNWBreona Smith