Jesus Loves Home Depot

At the Compassion To Action Equip+Activate event during activation time on the streets, I went to Home Depot. I started talking to a man and received a word of knowledge that seven days before something dramatic had happened. He shared with me that he had a family member who had died the week before. I then presented ‘Jesus at the Door’ and prayed with him. Still, at Home Depot, I prayed for a man’s back, and he got healed! Then I met a guy named Tim. I also walked him through ‘Jesus at the Door,’ and he encountered the peace and goodness of Jesus’ presence and gave his life to Jesus right then and there! Then at the end of the outreach time, I met a guy who said he was Muslim. I prayed for healing for him, and he said while I was praying, he tangibly felt the presence of Jesus! This day was life changing!


PNWBreona Smith