I Just Went For It

Melody H. | Waycross, GA | 30

I was in Orange County with a group of people for a ministry trip, and this was our last night there. We were walking around looking at who we could minister to and then decided to walk into a store. I was pretty nervous about evangelizing because of the view that the church has given me in the past about evangelism, but our team leaders had continuously encouraged us to be ourselves on that trip. They told us that we only needed to focus on being ourselves and being love, and not try to force ourselves to make evangelism a huge task. So I didn’t actually feel pressured to do anything because I knew in my heart that it is easy to love someone; it was just the act of talking to a stranger that still made me nervous. Anyways, we walked around the store and quickly noticed that it was completely empty except for the lady at the register. We walked up to her and started a conversation. As we were talking with her, I felt a twinge of pain on my left temple and felt like it was the Lord telling me that she dealt with headaches/migraines. I was initially afraid to say something, but I didn’t let that hold me back; I just went for it! I asked her if she dealt with any type of headaches and she said I was totally right! She had them the most when she was younger and would get them once in awhile now as an adult. So we asked if we could pray for her. She let us pray and then began opening up about how she grew up going to church but hadn’t pursued anything with God recently. This moment of hearing that God truly knew her lit an interest in her heart, so we encouraged her to connect with a ministry in her area that we had good relationship with, so she could continue getting to know God. My favorite thing about this testimony is that it wasn’t a result of me trying really hard to do evangelism, but we had an opportunity to love someone because we were just being ourselves. Evangelism felt easier when it stopped being a task and became something that is naturally a part of me; it became easier when I believed that God just wanted me to be myself.