“God, I just want more of you.”

David from Greshem, Portland 2018

Last night I came for the evening service, and the speaker was talking about being filled with the Holy Spirit and he was asking people to go to front. There were a lot of people up there so I just went to the aisle. My prayer was, “God, I just want more of you.” I put my hands up in the air and started praying and I began to feel like an energy going through my body. I had ten to fifteen people praying for me at one time. I had so much energy going through my body. I fell. No one caught me, and I just hit the ground. When I came up, I felt different. This peace, this weight. Some lady was praying while I was receiving prayer, and she had a vision that I had back pain, like discs out of place. She prayed for me though she said she believed when I was slain in the Spirit I was healed. When I woke up this morning, my back and hips were fine, nothing felt out of place. I did not come expecting God to move, and I just surrendered, and I feel like God heard my prayer last night. I came right after we hit the streets. My neck was hurting all day, and I do not know why. One guy that was going out with us said, “Does your neck hurt?” I said yes. He said God put the burning fire in his neck and God told him someone had pain, and he prayed, and it went away. I’m just coming expecting greatness today. God is going to do something through me, my wife and our heart for people.