Florida International University

Arianne Ens, Matthew Gerardino, and Brandon McCallum

We saw this young woman sitting on a bench with braces on both her knees and crutches. We find out she tore both her ACLs doing cheerleading. One had just had surgery and the other needs surgery too. We prayed for the one still needing surgery and it was completely healed! One sensed that God was releasing her back into dreams she used to have but stopped doing.  She shared that she had just gotten back into cheerleading for the first time in years since it was the dream she had stopped doing. One of us then heard God say that she has always longed to teach young girls cheerleading and her healing today was a sign that He loves her dreams. It turned out to be exactly what she wants to do! We then prayed for the leg that had just had surgery and she was completely healed! As tears streamed down her face, she walked away fully healed, brace and crutches in hand! Not only had God revealed His power to her, He revealed His radical love for her and her passions.