Evangelism is Simple and Easy

Elisabeth C. | Personal Testimony | CTA Oregon/Washington Mission Trip 2018


On my Oregon and Washington trip with Jonathan Chandra and Scott Graham, I learned that evangelism is simple and easy when we make it all about Jesus and loving people well.  I had an amazing breakthrough in understanding how to rest while evangelizing, knowing that the Holy Spirit would guide the conversation and I didn’t have to be in control of the response.  God broke the fear of man off of me and gave me courage to recognize I have what it takes to share the Gospel.  I can share the Good News because I am a daughter.

I personally led someone to Jesus for the first time.  That was definitely one of the highlights of the trip!  My friend Jamie and I also got to have an amazing conversation about creation vs other beliefs with a guy who originally believed in humans coming from stardust.  He gave his life to Jesus within twenty minutes of the conversation all because Jesus was working in his heart during the conversation. That was absolutely amazing. My team became family to me.  Throughout the ten days, we all grew so much in courage and vulnerability. I believe Jesus is passionate about unsaved lives, and God moves powerfully when we yield. Thank you Jesus for this mission trip that taught me to surrender my heart for your glory.