CTA Ivy Leagues Trip 2018


I thought I would find the trip relatively easy because evangelism has always been my ‘thing’. Evangelism had only become a concept that I was passionate about. I had become okay with the theories, and not given much thought to practicing what I believed. I was comfortable simply talking about evangelizing, praying into it, and celebrating other people’s testimonies, but not in going out on the streets myself. Without realizing it, I had started to make excuses as to why this wasn’t my season. As a result, I was doing nothing, caught somewhere between apathy and focusing on negative past experiences. I had some degree of compassion, but not enough to push me out of my comfort zone.

This trip has completely changed my life. It was a crazy adventure into regaining Jesus’ heart for the lost that has reignited a drive within me to see other people experience His radical love. I got to see firsthand the way He pursues each one of us. What a privilege! With every person we met, I encountered Jesus’ heart afresh. I have been filled with more love and compassion than I ever believed was possible.

Our leaders were incredible, they modeled a lifestyle of bold evangelism 24/7. I have never been on a mission trip like it, where we were truly ministering from a place of rest. Although we were challenged, I never felt like I was striving because I was having so much fun! The way that our leaders called us higher was exactly the loving wake up call that I needed. I have grown so much from this trip that I barely even recognize myself!