Compassion to Action Ivy Leagues 2018

Grace Langdon (1st Year)


This mission trip has left me forever changed. I expected to grow more comfortable with evangelism, but I did not know I would end up loving it by the end of the week. I have wanted to love it; I have wanted to evangelize out of love and rest rather than obligation and striving. Prior to the trip, I’d only done so on a few occasions. One of many lessons I learned on the trip is that the ability to genuinely love strangers is like a muscle; this muscle can be developed and trained. This CTA trip was a boot camp for this muscle. The more people I talked to, the easier it was to focus on the beautiful creation in front of me rather than worrying about being eloquent. The more time I spent around incredible leadership and teammates, the bolder I became as my compassion grew for His kids.

One of our last nights we had a ministry night at Harvard. We worshipped and we sang, “Set a Fire”. I have sung this song so many times, but never in my life with such conviction. This was the first time I meant it and the first time I believe I received this fire from God. I was consumed with compassion and a desire to see the world come to know God.

This fire is still alive and well in me. What God did in me through this trip has marked me. I can’t be the same, the only option for me is a lifestyle of evangelism. Prior to the trip I knew I wanted to evangelize, I knew I could, but now I have the genuine desire to be a “yes” to the leading of the Holy Spirit at any time and at any place. Now I know I will evangelize. I don’t know what I’m going to do with my life as I follow Jesus, but I know I’ll spend it seeing people encounter God. After all, I owe the world nothing less, and it’s my joy and privilege to carry His Presence wherever I go.



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