Arco Pump

Brett Morris | Saskatoon, Saskatchewan | 19

Shell FuelSave Gas Pump

I pulled into the gas station, pump #2. As I got out, a guy came up to me and asked me for some money. Since I was in a rush, I told him that I only had a card. He nodded and walked off. I answered without really thinking, knowing that I definitely had some cash in my wallet, and in my head it was all justified because I was totally in hurry. I paid for my gas and filled my tank up. As I was about to drive out of the gas station, I felt God stopping me. He wanted me to go back to that man, talk to him, and give him my cash. I pulled over to the curb and walked over to him and lightly knocked on his window. He looked at me and I showed him the cash. He opened up his door and took it. He thanked me and started to pump his gas, but I had planned to talk to him so I followed him over to the pump. It was a pretty awkward moment because he looked like he was expecting me to hand him the money and then walk away, but instead I walked over to stand beside him as his gas pumped. I asked him what his story was, why he was in Redding. He began to tell me about how he was originally from Napa, California. He was starting a new life in Redding, and was only three days clean from his heroin addiction and wanting to be rid of his past. He wanted to find a new job and have a totally fresh start. I listened and watched as he told his story, knowing he must have gone through so much in his past and now he was here wanting something new. I knew with all my being that Jesus was the new thing he needed. As I tuned back into the conversation, I heard him ask me why I was in Redding. I began to tell him my story and how I left Canada to come know more about God. I told him about what ministry school was teaching me about: identity and about being a new creation in Jesus. I was sharing my heart, and how exciting it really has been for me to be a Christian. And after I finished, he said that he actually would love to find God once he got his life together, once he was sober and fully clean again. I looked at him and told him what my Jesus is like, how transformational the gospel is. I told him that God isn’t about us trying to get our lives together before we can meet Him but that there is so much grace. I told him that God actually wants us to come to Him no matter where we are in life, even when we feel the most dirty and worthless. He left me pray for him and I even prophesied over him and told him what God had for his life. When I was done I could see the change in him! His whole demeanor was different from the moment he asked me for money to this moment where he let me welcome God into our conversation. He looked so full of hope, so much more hopeful for what was to come in his life. That day I planted a seed, and even though I didn’t get to be the one who gathered the full fruit, I was able to see God’s love move and change someone in a matter of minutes. This man was asking for money, wanting a new and fresh start; he wanted something better for his life, something he knew he had been missing in the past. I introduced him to the Savior of the world, the one who could give him a real fresh start.