Peace Triumphs

Amber W. | CTA Ivy League Mission Trip 2018


I saw a girl, about 14 years old, sitting alone looking at her phone, leaning against a wall.  So another student and I went to speak with her.  We gently prophesied over her and shared some words of knowledge about some of the trials she was facing. “Do you sometimes struggle with anxiety and depression?”, we asked.  Her eyes grew wide and she confirmed that she did. So we began to encourage her, “Jesus doesn’t want you to be fighting these things alone, they suck!”. I shared my testimony of overcoming both depression and anxiety and declared that Jesus wanted to set her free right then.  We preached a short and simple gospel and she smiled and said a prayer of salvation with us, inviting Jesus into her life. 

Later we approached an intimidating group of guys, and I didn’t have a clue what to say.  The Holy Spirit was so present with me though.  Fear had no say! I shouted out to them, “Hey!, has anyone had headaches or been recently injured, or has pain or sickness or anything??”.  They looked super confused until one pointed at another guy and responded “yeah, he got a concussion last week!”.  I embarrassingly then asked “oh okay, where’s the pain at?” 

Blaming the awkwardness on my being South African and not from there I tried to exit the conversation.  Holy Spirit, however was nudging me, “Carry On! Keep Going”.  So we began sharing about the love of Jesus, and how God wants to meet them right now and be in relationship with them!  Immediately both of them chose to receive Jesus into their hearts.